Imago Dei Cosmetics is
inspires in the perfection of creation,
that is you, to reveal your true beauty.

Discover a unique line
of cosmetics with high
concentrations of
natural active ingredients.

Discover how Imago Dei Cosmetics was born

We will tell you when we launch
the crowdfunding campaign

You will be able to support this project
and take advantage of exclusive offers
on our cosmetics.

with our Morning Cream, ideal to start your day with your face well hydrated and nourished.

Early bird (30u)
Launch price
Pre-sale limited price

with our Let there be Light & Morning cream combo, your skin will feel fresh and nourished as soon as you wake up.

Early bird (30u)
Launch price
Pre-sale limited price

Dive in:
with our Launch edition where you will get our entire product range, thus completing your morning/night skincare routine.

Early bird (30u)
Launch price
Pre-sale limited price

Take care. You’re a work of art.

It’s time to look at yourself through the eyes of the artist.

We design cosmetics to care without hiding,
illuminate without changing and express your natural beauty
because we believe you are Imago Dei,
which in Latin means “made in the image of God”.

And if there’s a great artist, it’s Him.
Just look at the beauty of Nature.

Cosmetics designed for:
take care of the work of art that you are.

Join us

We have the ingredients.
We have the formulas.
We have the packaging ready.
Only the spark of life is missing: YOU!
The catalyst that will make it possible.

With extracts of lavender, oranges, lemons, skin and grape seeds. Sea water, oils, the exotic and highly effective Lithops, Tea Tree, Red Algae, Æonome™ and, of course, Aloe Vera.

Cosmetics with high concentrations of active ingredients such as antioxidants, polyphenols, resveratrol, vitamins, phytosterols, hyaluronic acid and more, which reveal the beauty of your skin.

Formulated to help gently cleanse, lovingly soften, strengthen and illuminate, deeply hydrate and generously nourish, while cultivating and protecting your skin’s microbiota that cares for who you are.

Everything natural
All active

Just to take care of you

Your body
is a gift
it is an honour.

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